About Us

Canadian VOiP Supplier is composed of a number of actual phone system technicians located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Canada has a shortage of suppliers for affordable voip products, and we're here to fill in that void.

We sell VOiP Phones, hybrid VOiP Phone systems, VOiP phone line services, and other high-tech products for your business or home.

We're not very picky and don't complicate things.  You buy stuff and pay for it, we ship it immediately and guarantee it for 1 year. 

If you're nice to us over the telephone we'll even bend over backwards to give you free technical support for any product you buy.  (99% of everything we sell here our tech's know inside-out and they're happy to help set things up for you.) ..... if you're really polite and prepared, we'll even help you with voip products that don't come from us :  Even if you've never bought anything from us before!!!  (We know what we're doing and we're generally happy to show it off.  If we help you fix a problem with your voip setup for free and you're not even an existing customer, we like to believe that the next time you'd need to make a voip purchase you'd think of us first.)

Call Canadian Voip Supplier anytime at 1-855-514-VoIP